• Instill Bhav Samvedna (Devotional, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence) in kids to make them aware of their relationship and interconnectedness with parents, friends, nature, community and society at large

    Nurture principles of Vedic culture and human values to develop Chetna (Consciousness, Feeling) , Vivek (Conscience, Sense, Sanity), Buddhi (wisdom) to use discriminating intelligence in real life situations

  • Provide progressive increments to our children in the realization of their potential as human beings, by identifying, understanding and integrating strength into their daily life. Strictly follow 4s: Self-restraint on time, sense organs, money, resources, thought (Sanyam), Self-introspection (Swadhya), Self-discipline (Sadhana), and Selfless Service (Seva)
  • Instill the importance of Seva (Selfless community service) and giving back to community and needy. Strictly practice “Simple living and High thinking” motto with a discipline lifestyle using clear and strong values
  • Healthy body, pure mind and civilized society. One Nation, One Language ( Love), One Religion (Humanity), and one Government ( Self Govern)
  • To develop five Mahasakthi (powers):  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, and Spiritual
  • Practice Simple living and high thinking